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    Our service:
    Appearance design, Label modification, new molding,PCB design,software development,manufacture,prototype ,Assembly, semi-disassembled (SKD);completely disassembled pieces (CKD) ,Package.

    Our advantages for OEM/ODM service:
    Experience:Abundant development and manufacture experiences,our current customers have spread USA,Canada,Netherlands,Singapore,etc
    Technical Expertise: sinomedical has the in-depth professional experience and know-how to solve the most vexing product design and production challenges. We have developed incomparable skill sets to complement and expand our clients' R&D and production capabilities
    On-time performance: professional,experienced R&D department which can bringing high-quality, distinctive products to market on time and on budget
    Competitive low- cost advantage: we can help your company gain the competitive edge with elegant, cost-saving Neural Eletcrophysiological and rehabitation products based on low-cost development and manufacturing.


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