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    Q1:   Why Sinochoice Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.?
    A1:   Because our professional R&D team, strong manufacturing capacity and rich experience in the specific field of neurophysiological diagnosis devices for 13 years will ensure that you can get the best products and services with reasonable prices from us.
    Q2:   How is your quality control?
    A2:   Our manufacturing and administration systems are certified by
           ISO13485:2003 which is the widely accepted international standard for
           medical device quality regulatory. At the same time,
           our products have got or in the procedure of getting CE certificate.
    Q3:   What business modes can I expect?
    A3:   We are flexible in cooperation with our clients. You can choose to be a
            distributor of our brand products or let us do OEM/ODM for you.   
    Q4:   How can I become your distributor? 
    A4:   If only there is no exclusive distributor in your area, you can purchase from us directly. Or we will  provide the exclusive distributor’s contact information to you then you can place order to them.
    Q5:   How can I become your exclusive distributor?  
    A5:    Briefly you need to convince you have resonable sales capacity for our
             products in your area.
             - You need to provide files including your company profile, sales record in the past 12 months,  your marketing plan and sales target for every 3 months.
             - If your above information is qualified, you can order demo units from us  for intial promotion, or just place regular order directly.
             - When your 3-month sales target is reached successfully, we will
    authorize you as our exclusive distributor based on agreed sales commitment.
    Q6:  What's the benefit of your exclusive distributor? 
    A6:   You will get our support including special discount in price, market
            protection policy and reinforced trainning service for your long term


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