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    First-class digital imaging technology, more clearer image 
    With its unique small size,sino hand-carried ultrasonic diagnostic system  incorporated the latest image processing technologies such as THI, speckle reduction, multi-beam parallel processing and efficient full-digital image management system is easy to acquire better image. 
    Flexible configuration, easy portability and ergonomical design greatly increase the scanning application wherever and whenever. 
    Application: Abdomen, OB&GYN, cardiology, vascular and small parts, urology, musculoskeletal, pediatrics and etc 

    Displaying mode: B、2B、4B、left&right B|M、B|D、PW、M、B mode part zoom;  B|C|D、B|C|M、B|C ,duplex、PW、CFM、CPA 
    Image processing: THI, speckle-reduction, color coder, frame averaging, micro- angle adjustment, wall filter, 256 grey scale, scanning angle/width control, composit processing of tissue and blood flow image
    Measurement & report packages: GYN(four edition for GA calculation), cardiac, vascular, urology, andriatrics, peripheral vascular, multiple births, orthopedic surgery and etc.
    Input/output interface: VGA, network, 4 USB, 2 probe interface, DVD-ROM, SONY print with USB port
    Standard configuration: 
    Main unit
    3.5MHz convex probe: 2.1  2.5  3.1  3.5  5.0
    15” TFT monitor
    2 probe connectors
    DICOM 3.0
    4USB ports
    Color doppler package
    Optional configuration: 
    3.3MHZ Micro-convex probe : 2.1  2.5  3.1  3.3  4.5
    7.0MHZ Trans-vaginal probe : 5.0  6.3  7.0  9.0 10.0
    7.8MHZ Linear Probe : 5.0  6.0  6.3  7.8  9.0
    Video printer
    Laser printer



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